Press Release

February 11, 2015

Impact assessment team wins several contracts with major oil and gas clients


AECOM’s team in Brazil recently won several important Oil & Gas projects for offshore Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). “This was really a big win for all the team in Brazil,” said O&G Operations Manager Decio Maia (Rio de Janeiro), “We won new projects with big clients like Exxon, BP, BG, Total, and Chevron, and we started to work with new clients like Premier and Chariot. Everybody here is very excited with the new opportunities and technical challenges.”

The winning bids will result in work in the offshore areas of Foz do Amazonas Basin (Total, BP, QGEP), Para-Maranhao Basin (QGEP), Barreirinhas Basin (BG, BP, Chariot), Ceara Basin (Total, Chevron, Premier), Potiguar Basin (Exxon) and Espirito Santo Basin (Statoil).